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You should never be afraid to ask your dentist or cosmetic dentists questions, having said that we decided to publish some of most frequently asked questions that our cosmetic dentists in Boston encounter.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic Dentistry involves a range of dental procedures that improve the appearance of an individual. These procedures could involve the gum, teeth or lips with the aim of improving the patients smile.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is a dentist that practices cosmetic dentistry. They have further training in dentistry than the average dentist. They typically specialize in teeth whitening, fixing chipped and broken teeth, fixing missing teeth with dental implants, fixing uneven teeth, and other dental procedures to enhance the appearance of a patients teeth.

What are your qualifications?

It is good to know what type of professional that you are dealing with. Do your research. Ask to see pictures for past work that he or she has done and see the reviews that they have from other patients. You need to know the qualifications of the doctor before you feel confident in undertaking any dental procedures. You want to be comfortable in your surroundings in their office. Make sure that everything is explained to you. Make sure that you fully understand the steps in the procedure you about to take. Your smile defines who you are and is a permanent fixture in your life.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. Research and extensive Studies have shown that teeth whitening is safe. It does no damage to the teeth and gums. There is no damage to the enamel or any tooth structures. There are many treatments used to whiten teeth, your dentist should discuss with you which they feel would provided the best results for you.

How long does teeth whitening last?

Tooth whitening usually last about 1 to 3 years. Over time they will become stained as you drink coffee, tea, and other foods that will discolor your teeth. The dentist recommend using a monthly whitening method and tips to prolonging your pearly whites.

How much does tooth whitening cost?

Depending on what you want done tooth whitening has a variety of cost. Over-the-counter kits Cost around $20. In-office procedures cost around a thousand. Most professional procedures cost around $300 to $800. If you get an at home bleaching kit from the dentist, it’s around $300 to $600.

Are the smile makeovers expensive?

Dental fees are dependent upon the procedure that you choose. Financing is available for all procedures and it’s catered around your financial circumstances. Your cosmetic dentists will work with you to figure out what option that is best for you. Estimates are given to help a client choose the best payment option. After that as schedule is made to playing the procedure that a client needs done.

How long are most procedures?

To improve your smile it could take up to two to three visits. Teeth whitening they can be done in one single visit, Implants and Veneers take a little longer. Depending on what needs to be done procedures are usually spread out over 4 to 6 months. Braces and Invisalign could be over a year with follow ups.

How long will my new smile last?

With the proper care and maintenance your new smile will last a lifetime along with regular visits to the dentist and proper care at home.

Will my new smile change my life?

If you have gone a long time covering up your smile, a new smile will improve your life. It will instill confidence and you will have a new outlook on how you interact with other people. However this question is subjective as this also depends on the individual.

If my teeth are shaped for veneers and crowns what would they look like?

If you have if you get crowns and veneers it usually takes two visits. You will have temporaries until your final veneers are ready to be fixed in place.

If I have veneers will I get cavities?

Along with the proper care, there is no high or low percentage that you will have cavities outside normal situations.

If I want dental implants how do I start the process?

The process needs to start with a visit from your regular dentist. Once they have the recommendation that you need to get dental implants. The process starts from there .


Our cosmetic dentistry services are provided by our Boston Dentists located at Downtown Crossing and at Government Center.


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