How to Help Children with Special Needs Brush Their Teeth and Maintain Dental Hygiene

Encouraging children to brush their teeth and maintain proper dental hygiene is a battle that parents have been fighting since proper dental care practices first came into fruition. In addition to teaching kids how to properly brush, floss and otherwise care for their teeth, parents also have to combat their kids’ desire to avoid such read more…

Treatment Options for Chipped Teeth by our Boston Dentists

Your tongue grazes the tip of your front top tooth and you notice something doesn’t feel right. You look in the mirror, and your heart sinks as you come to the realization that your tooth is chipped. Even though tooth enamel is stronger than bone, it can still succumb too poor oral care and decay. read more…

Which Toothbrush – Manual or Electric Toothbrush?

Brushing at least twice daily is one of the most important things you can do for a beautiful smile. It dislodges food particles stuck between your teeth, removes plague, stimulates the gums and lowers the risk of oral disease. In addition to using the right toothpaste, however, you also need the right brush. While there read more…

Parking near Government Center in Boston, MA

Government Center in Boston is exactly that, the center of government! Boston City Hall is in this square and many other federal and state government buildings are located on the plaza or very close by. Government Center is also a popular hub for people visiting Boston, not just locals. At Boston Dental we understand how read more…

Official Dentist to Boston Red Sox for the Second Year

We are excited to announce that Boston Dental, has once again been named the “Official Dental Practice of the Boston Red Sox”, with Dr. Maged el-Malecki named as the “Official Dentist” of the team. Red Sox fans will be included in our BD Insider Wellness program. Use code “Red Sox” when scheduling your appointment. Boston read more…

Understanding Sensitive Teeth and When To Visit the Dentist

Do you all of a sudden get a shock of pain in your teeth? You may be dealing with tooth sensitivity, which can be annoying, distracting and painful. Knowing the common causes of tooth sensitivity will help you troubleshoot the problem, and then you can determine if it’s time for a visit to your dentist read more…

Downtown Crossing in Boston, the Best Bits to Explore

The historic district of Downtown Crossing in Boston caters to foot traffic along its picturesque streets. A plethora of businesses blanket the area and serve as a casual locale to dine, shop, or simply stroll. The area is home to a blend of chain stores, specialty shops, street vendors, jewelry stores, department stores, and historic read more…


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