Official Dentist to Boston Red Sox for the Second Year

Boston Dental is named as the official dentists for the Boston Red Sox for the second year - Boston Dental

We are excited to announce that Boston Dental, has once again been named the “Official Dental Practice of the Boston Red Sox”, with Dr. Maged el-Malecki named as the “Official Dentist” of the team. Red Sox fans will be included in our BD Insider Wellness program. Use code “Red Sox” when scheduling your appointment.

Boston Dental, which has convenient locations at Downtown Crossing and Government Center, is partnering for a second year in a row with the Boston Red Sox as the official dentist for the team. Boston Dental has served numerous companies and individuals over the years, and they provide quality care to all clients including members of the Boston Red Sox. Dental professionals at Boston Dental offer a wide variety of services for clients.

Excellence with a Smile

Boston Dental puts a high priority on providing excellent care to adults and children. A dental experience at Boston Dental begins with a friendly environment and a warm smile from members on staff. Administrative and dental professionals provide beneficial service and are courteous, friendly and helpful. Each individual on the Boston Dental team seeks to make every client have a wonderful experience in a comfortable environment. People notice the positive difference in Boston Dental.

Preventative Care

One of the primary dental services that Boston Dental offers clients including the Boston Red Sox is preventative care. This type of service may seem unnecessary to some, but the reality is that preventative care is vital in order for an individual to have teeth that will be strong and last for many years. While some people are only concerned about cavities, they may have challenges that must be addressed, such as gum disease or enamel wear. Dental professionals are aware of these types of challenges, and each one can be properly handled when preventative care is done. Furthermore, dental professionals recognize that some individuals have sensitive teeth and gums, and they seek to clean teeth in careful way that does not cause unnecessary pain. Boston Dental professionals give children helpful brushing and flossing tips in order to keep cavities away.

Restorative Care

While preventative care is necessary for everyone, there may come a time where restorative care is needed. Our Boston Dentists will inform clients if there is a situation that needs to be addressed. At times, a tooth or teeth may be cracked, chipped or decayed. In fact, a client may be missing at least one tooth. Clients are rightly concerned about these and similar challenges. Boston Dental professionals can present a treatment plan that is designed to provide the restorative care that people need. Restorative care can also include taking care of discolored teeth due to a variety of reasons. Clients like to have a plan and want to be aware of when their restorative care will be complete.

Comprehensive Care

Every individual has different needs when he or she visits Boston Dental. Some individuals may need help with enhancing a smile. Another individual may have many cavities that need to be removed. Others simply need to have their teeth cleaned every six months. Boston Dental believes in providing excellent, comprehensive care in order for people to have healthy teeth and a fantastic smile.

Beneficial Information

Boston Dental understands that some people do not like to receive many facts when it comes to a specific procedure. A prior experience at a dental competitor may make them feel very wary when it is time to get their teeth cleaned. Other clients want to know exactly what will happen when it comes to a particular procedure, such as removing the nerve of a tooth. While every person is different, professionals seek to provide the beneficial information that people want.

An Enhanced Smile

At times, people want to have their smile enhanced. The great news is that children and adults have great options that are available at Boston Dental. For younger clients, there is an early orthodontic treatment service that can help teeth stay upright and prevent teeth from being pulled at a future date. For teenagers and adults who are embarrassed by their crooked teeth, options to consider include traditional or clear braces. Both methods have fantastic results that give people a super smile that will last for a long time. Another service that cannot be overlooked is Invisalign. This service is able to take care of gaps, overbites, crooked teeth and may be the right option for individuals who want a different option than braces.

The Boston Red Sox and people in the beautiful community of Boston trust the training, education and experience of Boston Dental. Dental professionals are aware of new practices and the latest technology in order to provide the best care to clients. Clients and potential clients are welcome to contact Boston Dental. Administrative professionals can answer a question or set up an appointment with a member of the Boston Dental staff. When someone is in need of excellent dental care, be sure to come to Boston Dental.

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