Cosmetic Enhancements at The Dentist

Long before Botox injections were used for cosmetic treatments, they were used for medical purposes. As a therapeutic tool, Botox is an essential part of dental implant therapy and TMJ treatment. Sometimes Botox can also be used by dentists to augment dental procedures designed to improve the appearance. Injections of Botox, for example, can lift read more…

Taking Years Off Your Face

As people age they often think about fixing wrinkles and sags, but don’t think much about how their mouth is aging them. Problems, such as crowding, discoloration, and worn tooth surfaces can also make you look older than you really are. Today the technology is helping dentists make improvements that weren’t possible in the past. read more…

The Perfect Smile for You

A perfect smile is as unique as the person that it belongs to, so achieving the perfect smile requires personalized attention, an understanding of facial and dental aesthetics and the ability to design and create it. In the perfect smile, there is harmony between the smile, facial form and the personality of each patient. Skilled read more…


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