Dentures in Boston

Boston Dental offers comprehensive restorative dentistry by applying the latest technology and techniques for high-quality dentures in Boston.

Conventional Denture

Once a person’s teeth have been lost, or decayed to the point that they are non-restorable, the best restorative option is sometimes a complete upper and lower denture. Dentures can restore a dentally compromised patient to a very esthetically pleasing and functional result.


A great option for restoring a patient who is missing a few teeth in either the upper or lower arch is called a partial denture. This removable appliance is designed to replace several missing teeth at once and restore a patient to improved esthetics and function. There are two types of partial dentures: Metal Cast Partial Dentures in which the framework of the denture is of a custom-designed high quality metal that locks onto the existing teeth or an Acrylic Partial Denture which provides a highly esthetic result. These dentures are fabricated entirely of acrylic material and snap into place around the existing teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Many patients require upper and lower dentures due to a lack of oral health. One of the biggest complaints for these patients is the movement or instability of the denture, especially the lower denture. New technology offers a solution to this problem. By placing several dental implants in the jaw and placing custom attachments in the existing denture, it is possible for a denture to snap into place providing a secure, sound restorative option for denture wearers.


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