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Boston Dental provide endodontic treatment and specialized dental treatment in Boston. Our endodontists advanced training, techniques and technologies means that our patients receive the highest quality treatment and results.

Root Canals

In order for teeth to remain alive and healthy, each tooth is supplied by nerves and nutrients through a chamber called the root canal. As decay spreads downward and into a decayed tooth, the decay encroaches on the pulp chamber of that tooth, which contains the nerve. This is often what leads to a toothache. In order to remove all of the decay from the tooth, it is sometimes necessary to remove the nerve of the tooth entirely and replace the empty canal with a root canal filling.


Unfortunately root canals are not always entirely effective in removing all of the bacterial contents from the tooth chamber. Even if only a little bit of bacteria persists in the root of the tooth, it can sometimes lead to recurrent infection and pain. A root canal specialist (endodontist) is skilled in re-treating the canal chamber by removing the previous root canal filling and intensely cleaning the chamber before filling it again for an improved result.

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