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Beauty is defined as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that beholder is you. It is subjective – it is about how you want to look and how you want to feel. At Boston Dental, the principles of our smile design concept focus on more than just teeth—we define your beauty by balancing all the elements of the face and how they work together to achieve your idea of the most beautiful and natural smile.

The natural law of beauty, also known as “the golden proportion”, has fascinated the world for over 2,000 years. This golden proportion uses ratios of length and width and has served as a formula in all disciplines, from mathematics and science to art and design. It should be of no surprise that the golden proportion is also an integral component in creating the perfect smile.

Not all facial features contribute equally to the perception of beauty. When it comes to facial attractiveness, there are specific features and factors that guide our assessment of beauty; the five predominant ones include the nose, eyes, lips, smile, and teeth, with beautiful teeth topping the list of most desired physical traits.

A perfect smile is as unique as the person that it belongs to, so achieving the perfect smile requires personalized attention, an understanding of facial and dental aesthetics and the ability to design and create it. In the perfect smile, there is harmony between the smile, facial form and the personality of each patient. Skilled cosmetic dentists strive to achieve an aesthetically pleasing balance when creating the perfect smile.

The size and shape of the lips, gums, teeth, and face are all involved when creating a perfect smile. Attractive ratios are the most importance. The width of the smile should be at least half the width of the face. The upper and lower lips should be symmetrical on either side of the midline of the face. The top teeth should be dominant, and a small portion of the bottom teeth should show. All of the visible teeth should be straight. A bright, white smile is great, as long as the smile looks completely natural and, the gums should be pink, which is how healthy gums look naturally.


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