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Planning Your Perfect Smile

During your initial consultation, our smile design dentist will assess your teeth and provide feedback on how your teeth and smile can be improved. Digital X-rays, before and after photos, functional evaluation and digital design software are used to create a realistic mock up over your own teeth to show you what your smile will look like once everything is complete.

A complete smile makeover can be achieved in just seven to ten days. Only two full visits and a few short follow-up appointments are typically required to ensure you receive your best possible smile. The following process takes you inside the design and planning of a cosmetic smile design, from the first to final appointment:

Appointment 1

Boston Dental will perform minimal shaping and fitting so patients can have temporary veneers that provide the opportunity to test drive their new smile for a week.

Appointment 2

Boston Dental’s cosmetic dentist and ceramist work with Oral Design Boston, the most prestigious dental lab in Boston, to create permanent veneers that will be designed to create your perfect smile. After wearing their temporary smile, patient provide feedback on the look and fit of their veneers to ensure optimal comfort.

Appointment 3

Patients have their temporary veneers removed and are fitted with permanent ones for their new smile.

Final Appointment

Finishing touches are applied to the patient’s new smile during the final re-contouring appointment. This appointment takes place one to two days after the veneers are fitted.


Our Smile Design and cosmetic dental services are available at our Downtown Crossing Center (Chauncy St) and at Government Center Center (Court St).



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