Benefits of Invisalign over Braces in Adults

Invisalign and Traditional Metal Braces in Adults - Boston Dental

Traditionally, dentists have suggested that their patients wear standard braces as a method for correcting the problem of misaligned teeth. Unfortunately, these traditional braces are often so uncomfortable to wear that they can actually prove painful. In addition to this, they are themselves even more unsightly than misaligned teeth. Many adults are extremely embarrassed to have to wear them, and they often refuse to do so.

However, the clear braces produced by Invisalign® offer a fantastic alternative to these more traditional braces. Many people and their dentists are embracing this new product and the advantages that it offers. Below are just five reasons why you might want to consider choosing Invisalign® rather than traditional metal braces:

Appearance Matters

Invisalign® Clear Braces simply look much better than the metallic alternative. Metallic braces can be considered unattractive, extremely noticeable – particularly when worn by an adult. While metal braces are frequently seen with teens, they are less common with adults and noticeable.

There is also the fact that metal braces can easily trap food and presented to the world every time you smile. You won’t necessarily be aware that your lunch is caught in your dental apparatus, but everyone around you will be. But Invisalign® clear braces are almost undetectable. If you’re wearing these aligners, it’ll almost look like you aren’t wearing braces at all. Certainly, they are much more appealing from an aesthetic and appearance viewpoint than traditional metal braces.

Comfort Level

Another advantage offered by Invisalign® braces is that when you need to remove them, it is relatively easy. When your orthodontist has attached metal braces to your teeth, they cannot be easily and quickly removed. You certainly don’t want to try to do it yourself.

Invisalign® clear braces can be removed at any time.

Comfort Advantages

Traditional metal braces can be a bit hazardous to your mouth when they are first fitted as your mouth adjusts to the new structure of your mouth. Traditional braces include protruding pieces of metal and wire that can scratch the inside of your gums and your mouth. With Invisalign aligners you certainly don’t have to worry about sharp edges.

Metal braces can also influence tooth decay and demineralization if oral hygiene is not maintained adequately. In general invisalign can significantly reduce the extent of the damage normally caused when wearing braces.

Shorter Treatment Time

Despite the fact that less force is applied to your teeth, you’ll also find that this Invisalign® braces tend to reduce treatment time over traditional metal braces. This makes them much more appealing for those who want to get the treatment over with as quickly as possible. Your orthodontist will discuss invisalign treatment times with you as well as traditional options.

You Know What to Expect

Invisalign® clear braces are a well-known and widely respected product used by dental professionals around the world. The wealth of experience that these professionals have gained with the product means there are going to be any surprises. The process of planning your treatment with Invisalign® is computerized and sophisticated, meaning they will almost certainly be right the first time. In contrast, metal braces can often require a great deal of trial and error adjustment to get them right.

It’s evident that Invisalign® clear braces offer significant benefits to patients – particularly when compared with more traditional metal braces. Not only are they more comfortable than traditional metal braces, you also can enjoy a more beautiful smile during the treatment process while experiencing reduced risks to your gums and teeth.


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